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In the heart of Public Aid Organization (PAO), the spirit of collaboration and unity shines brightly. “We Work Together” is not just a phrase; it’s the ethos that defines every aspect of our work. From the bustling streets of Baghdad to the serene landscapes of rural Iraq

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PAO can cover the following geographic areas and provinces.

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A little bit of context


Public Aid Organization (PAO) is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit, and public utility organization dedicated to advancing humanitarian values and promoting the principles of human rights. Its mission is rooted in the United Nations Third Millennium Declaration, with a commitment to fostering a developed civil society.

The beginning

Established on April 28, 1992, by a group of dedicated volunteers responding to the pressing needs of the community in civil society matters, PAO aims to enhance the living conditions of Iraqis. The organization envisions a world where everyone enjoys their complete rights.

We Are Non Profit Organization

Public Aid Organization –PAO; is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit and public utility organization. It works according to its humanitarian values in order to improve and settle the principles of human rights, establishing a developed civil society.

This will be done by carrying out the developing and permanent programs and projects as it is guided by the United Nations’ declaration concerning the third millennium. PAO established in 1992 well rooted and present with offices in all Iraq.

We Are A Strong Team

We Are A Strong Team is not just our motto; it’s our belief. At PAO, we understand that our strength lies in our unity. We invite you to become a part of this incredible journey, where every volunteer makes a real difference.

Our team is the heart of our organization. Comprised of passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds, we bring together a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experiences. United by our shared humanitarian values and guided by the United Nations’ declaration concerning the third millennium, we work tirelessly to advance human rights and foster a developed civil society.

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