NGO Institutional Development Program

The Department of Non-Governmental Organizations, in partnership with the Public Aid Organization – PAO, announces the “Institutional Development Program for Non-Governmental Organizations”, and the program includes the initial evaluation process of organizations, identifying training needs and preparing a plan for institutional capacity building, specialized training for organizations according to their needs (training workshops, exchange of experiences and field training).
The aim of the program is to develop the work of non-governmental organizations operating in Iraq and in the application of Article 2 of the NGO Law No. 12 of 2010 / the first goal is “to strengthen, support, develop and maintain the independence of civil society organizations in accordance with the law”, and in pursuit of achieving the goals of sustainable development and helping organizations to obtain appropriate sources of funding and implement community activities.
Non-governmental organizations that are previously registered in the department and wish to apply within the program and undergo the evaluation process in order to develop and identify needs for capacity building and institutional evaluation must register in the attached link.