The Rights of the Juveniles in the Dignity at all phases of the Judicial Process

The Public Aid Organization, As part of the project to Promoting the right to a Fair Trial and Improve Detention Conditions and Abolishing torture with the support of the European Union , Implemented  an awareness session in Baghdad on January 30, 2024. The session was attended by representatives from the Higher Commission for Human Rights, Lawyers, Community police, and media. The session focused on introduction the juvenile and the stages of fair trials for the detained individuals.

The goal of the session was to emphasize the rights of the juveniles  and their right to dignity by adopting a child-friendly approach in all stages of the judicial process.

Several recommendations were discussed, Including granting access to individuals deprived of their freedom to human rights through fair trials and humane treatment. The recommendations also highlighted the need to improve detention conditions in Iraq, Raise societal awareness, Provide medical clinics and regular examinations for detainees, And present them to a special committee for social research to monitor their behaviors.

“It is worth mentioning that this project is being implemented in eight Iraqi provinces for a duration of two years in partnership with the Norwegian Public Aid organization and the Investigator for the Rule of Law organization. The project aims to provide effective oversight, Enhance monitoring in detention centers to reduce the risks of abuse and torture. Additionally the project seeks to activate the role of civil society to promote legislation, Practices, Policies, and Procedures in the Iraqi justice system in line with international standards.”