The project continues with its plan to reach individuals exposed to violence, providing sessions on psychosocial support in schools and during field visits, and recording cases that require specialized sessions. The project has been successful in continuing to provide sessions on goal setting for teenagers, self-awareness, and self-care. Through its field visits, the project team has managed to gain support from individuals of all ages to assist, cooperate, and promote social behavior change, as well as to raise awareness about the rights of children and women.

 As part of the activities, the project conducted training on case management for government personnel and collaborated with them to coordinate the reception of violence-exposed cases and provide assistance. The training targeted child protection department managers, community police, event police, and staff from the National Women’s Department and the health sector in Tikrit and Balad, aiming to glossiness their skills and introduce them to tools and guidelines on abuse and its management, while increasing community awareness about combating violence against vulnerable groups.

Additionally, the project offered life skills training courses for women to empower them with diverse skills to build personal projects for stable financial income. During March, two training courses were conducted on glass painting and knitting.