February activities for the project to Enhance Childrens protection systems and support women and children in Salah al_Din

The project to enhance child protection systems and support women and children in Salah al-Din continues during the month of February 2024, delivering its various programs. It starts with a specific focus on the development of women in Salah al-Din, supporting their integration into the community, and improving their skills. This includes providing training on household skills, such as barber and salon skills for girls  and glass painting and knitting, to discover their talents and assist them in their continuous development through practice.

These activities contribute to creating a social network for the  benefiting women by engaging them in public life and opening up new opportunities, such as encouraging them to start their own projects to improve their economic income. In fact, some winning women have been granted initial tools to encourage them to start their own projects.

In other activities, the project team conducted field visits to areas in Salah al-Din province for awareness campaigns about the impact of violence on children and women. The team identified cases of individuals subjected to violence to expedite the provision of assistance and intervention. This involved offering psychological support through multiple sessions for girls and children, as well as providing counseling for parents.

These field visits also included trips to primary healthcare centers to introduce the project and its activities. Coordination was established with these centers to implement programs for psychological and social support for children and women. Brochures were distributed to individuals to raise awareness about the effects of violence on children and women. The program of psychological and social support also extended to schools in Salah al-Din governorate, delivering sessions on psychological support and building self-confidence. As part of the project’s activities, monthly training sessions are provided to government employees, including representatives from community police, social care workers, and social researchers from the justice department in Tikrit and Balad. The aim is to raise awareness about the importance of confidentiality in responding to cases of violence and to emphasize the sharing of essential information regarding the beneficiaries while respecting privacy. This encourages reporting cases of violence against children and women and reinforces preventive measures.

The project to enhance child protection systems and support women and girls in Salah al-Din (Tikrit, Balad) is implemented by the Public Aid Organization funded by UNICEF. The project focuses on providing psychological and social support services for women, girls, children, and youth. Additionally it involves training government personnel and caregivers on protection systems.