16 day of activism against women violence

November 25 is the international day for eliminating violence against women, it also marks the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence which ends on Human Rights day December 10.

1 in 3 women  worldwide is subject to violence over the course of their lives. This is why we encourage people to Speak out to help women who experienced violence in their lives, their families, and society, as we do here is The Public Aid’s Organization, we take a stand to support women in all aspects in order to end violence against women and children.

PAO is here for all women, to defend their rights and PAO is here speak up for those who lost their lives and dignity, A world without violence is possible if we took a stand to support each other, we are fighting for equality between men and women, We are fighting to end child marriage, children abuse, the epidemic of sexual harassment. Advocating Women’s rights within our specialty. Call it out and Count me in, Together moving a non-violent Iraq forward.  


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