International Youth Day at Hasansham and Baharaka camp

On the occasion of World Youth Day and within the activities of the project “Child Protection Interventions with specific focus on internally displaced population (IDPs), returnees and host communities targeting children, adolescents, adults and provide GBV prevention and response services through a sustainable approach” and with the support of UNICEF, the public Aid Org – Erbil Office carried out three diverse recreational and cultural activities in Baharaka camp on 14 August 2022.

The activities included an exhibition of handicrafts and a sports activity for the young men and women of the camp, as well as an educational seminar for them on the importance of the role of youth in society and the goals of the International Youth Day.

And with the same day at Hasansham U2 camp PAO held a meeting with a number of youth in the camp, where the discussion took place on the importance of youth in society and their effective role in building society and talking about the challenges and obstacles faced by the youth in the camp and what are the most prominent proposals.

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