Session with the Tribes and Security Forces on” Preventing Violent Extremism” in Mosul Jan. 17.23

Within the activities of the project “Promoting Peace and Coexistence through Empowerment and Engagement of Community Mechanisms with Local Authorities” funded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and implemented by Public Aid Organization (PAO), Nineveh Office implemented an awareness session with the tribes of Nineveh on January 17, 2023, the session addressed the issue of “Strengthening the role of security institutions Through cooperation with the tribal institution in prevention of violent extremism. The session witnessed extended participation of sheikhs of tribes, security forces from joint operations, and the General Directorate of Traffic in Nineveh Governorate, where all sheikhs emphasized the importance of preventing all forms of violent extremism and adopt dialogue and consensus with all institutions that operate in the same context as well as strengthening the role of tribes to support the government and security forces in law enforcement to achieve coexistence and peace in Nineveh Governorate.


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