Training Session For Expert Committee To Select Members Board of Commissioners to initiate their official duties within the Higher Commission for Human Rights. 10/May_ Baghdad.

With the participation of international experts, a training session was provided on May 10 2023 to build the capacity of the Experts Committee to select the Board of Commissioners of the High Commission for Human Rights. This activity was implemented as part of “Enhancing Democracy Project” funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid Organization and implemented by the Public Aid Organization. The cooperation of the Parliamentary Development Institute at the level of this session came to add their experiences to this field due to its challenges. The training session included viewing the first experience of establishing the High Commission for Human Rights and the accompanying roadblocks they faced.
On the other hand, the course addressed the “Paris Principles” and the importance of focusing on them during the selection process. The course concluded by reviewing the experiences of the participating experts from many countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and some African countries.




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