Capacity Building of schools on creating ( Protection Platforms) /Kirkuk

Public Aid Organization/Kirkuk Office implemented a training over two days, December 13 and 14, 2022, targeting the staff of four schools at the center of Kirkuk Governorate and Hawija district. The training addressed importance of creating (children protection platforms) within schools, in order to reduce any risks to the lives of students, and to address cases that require support through reporting mechanisms and activating the referral system. As result of the training, four children protection platforms were established at the four targeted schools, an action map was developed to implement periodic meetings to analyze the type of cases and treat them through school committees, with the support of the Public Aid Organization and the coalition of partner organizations of the program.

Implementation of this activity comes within the objectives of the (Education Cannot Wait) project that focusing on building the capacities of staff of the education directorates and its affiliated units through providing comprehensive training courses and workshops as well as to providing them with updated educational materials, and benefiting from technology in the education sector.

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