Changing the live path of (6000) Children in Salah Al –Din by simple efforts and resources of Public Aid Organization Funded by UNISCO 2020

Within the comprehensive access program for quality education for primary and secondary schools in the affected areas in Salah-Al Din for the school year 2019 – 2020 in three districts (Sherqat,Tikrit &Baiji, (Public Aid Organization had implemented Back – to- school campaign, by distribution of 15000 school bags and stationary for encouraging the students returning to the school, in additional to distribution of 11000 awareness brochures to the families for raising their knowledge about the education importance and registration tools  in addition to the procedure of returning to the school after leaving it due to the violence situations in their living area . The result of the continuous work of organization’s employees with the volunteers for two months was registering of 2000 kids in the first grade-primary school, and returning  of 4000 kids (under 18 year) to the schools.

These resources with simple efforts (which implemented by PAO and funded by UNESCO) contributed in providing the children with better live circumstances and changing their live path.

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