Child Protection/ Salahdin

26- January- 2021

The Child Protection Center(CP) affiliated to the Public Aid Organization (PAO) in Salah al-Din continues to conduct awareness-raising workshops for caregivers of parents, on child protection policies and how to deal with adolescents and understand their needs.

Within the activities of the project ( provision of community Based Child protection and GBV services conflict affected Women and children’s of Alshirqat ,Tuz Khurmato , and Baiji districts in Salah Al-din governorate ) supported by UNICEF, with the participation of (11) women, men and children, where several topics related to raising children and protecting them from violence were addressed. Educating parents about how to deal with adolescents and directing them towards ways to know their potential and ambitions.

The workshop was concluded with recommendations from the participants about holding future workshops for adolescents on the positive use of social media and how to protect themselves from its risks.

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