Discussion session on justice solutions to adapt to climate resilience / Basra

Public Aid Organization-South Office / Basra, held a workshop with workers in the District on clarifying the legal interest in protecting the environment and what are the legal means in mitigating the negative effects of climate change and environmental pollution and the role of the governorate in applying these laws.

The session was attended by a number of judges, two representatives of the Public Prosecution Office in Basra and a group of jurists, and they discussed the unimplemented laws related to the environment in the Iraqi constitution, such as the Environmental Protection and Improvement Law No. 27 of 2009 for the purpose of preserving human resources to achieve health, well-being, sustainable development and spreading environmental awareness and Article 38 Also from the same law that provides for the establishment of the Environmental Protection Fund, the Fund shall collect the stipulated wages, and the expenditures from the Fund shall be in accordance with the environmental objectives stipulated in the Environmental Protection Law.

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