Forum of “Monitoring the Implementation of the National Plan for Human Rights” in Baghdad 22 December 2022

Within the project of ” Enhancing Democracy” Public Aid Organization (PAO) conducted forum to ” monitoring the implementation of the national plan for human rights) under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice and support of the Norwegian Public Aid in Baghdad on 22 December 2022. The event was conducted in the presence of   His Excellency the Minister of Justice, and a number of representatives of ministers, Parliament member’s consultants and experts. The event witnessed wide participation of key staff of the Iraqi Government, National and international agencies.

The forum’s agenda included four special sessions organized with national experts, academics and government members for the purpose of monitoring the implementation of the national plan for human rights aimed to monitor progress achieved of human rights dossier. The Forum sessions began with number of keynote speeches from head of Public Aid Organization Mr. Hoger and His Excellency the Minister of Justice. In addition to representative of Human Rights Committee of the Iraqi Parliament, the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Human Rights, representative of UNAMI, representative of Human Rights section of the Foreign Ministry and International Commission of Missing Persons. The Forum included press conference and then dialogue session with participation of Directorate of Human rights, Ministry of Justice, PAO, the secretariat of the national plan, who have been covered the first issued report, gaps and needed actions to achieve plan goals and mechanisms of promoting the role of civil society. The event ended with open discussion and reply on participants’ questions.

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