His Excellency German Foreign Minister and the accompanying delegation visiting PAO community Center in Bahrka Camp. Erbil January 26.2023.

Public Aid Organization team received the German delegation represented by His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his accompanying delegation during his visit to Baharka camp in Erbil, in the presence of the UNICEF team on January 26, 2023. This visit comes from the German delegation as they are the donor of the UNICEF project (child protection interventions with a special focus on internally displaced populations, returnees and host communities targeting children, adolescents and adults and providing GBV prevention and response services through a sustainable approach) that implemented by PAO.

The visit began by going to the PAO Community Center where the delegation was briefed on the project, activities and services provided for the beneficiaries inside the center and within the project. Then the delegation met the groups of children participating in the organized psychological and social support programs provided within the center, moreover they listened to people and participants of different programs, children and young people talking about activities provided in the center such as football , painting and table tennis ping.

Center of protection services of Gender-Based Violence also was covered during the visit, the delegation met a group of women participating in the Women’s Rights Program and listened to them talking on participation in this program as well as the girls participating in the Adolescent Girls’ Guide Program. The delegation’s feedback was positive on services provision at the center in particular when they listened to the beneficiaries who have been thanked for their participating , time and efforts they made to take part of that day

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