The Public Aid organization continues to provide community awareness sessions in Basra

Within the framework of the project (Promoting the Right to a Fair Trial, Improving Conditions of Detention and Abolition of Torture), supported by the European Union, the team of the Public Aid Organization in Basra presented a community awareness session in Basra on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, in cooperation with the High Commission for Human Rights and the Family and Child Protection Section from Domestic Violence, with the participation of officers of the Family and Child Protection Section. The session included the definition of the juvenile and the stages of fair trials for the juvenile detainee, and the aim of the session was to focus on the rights of juveniles and their right to dignity by adopting a child-friendly approach at all stages of the judicial process, and it is worth noting that this project is implemented in a group of Iraqi provinces for two years and in partnership with the Norwegian Public Aid Organization and the Rule of Law Investigator.

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