Enhancing Democratization Program- Basra

In order to enable civil society to occupy an effective role in increasing the participation of young people, women, and marginalized groups, and within the program of enhancing Democratization and human rights implemented by the PAO and supported by the NPA, the Community Participation Center in Basra held a discussion session in the (Anna Basri Org.) hall with the participation of representatives of a group of civil society organizations.

This session came in order to support the organizations in how to respond to the demands on the requirements of the civil society organizations Law No. 12 of 2010 which aim to: First: Strengthening the role of civil society organizations, supporting them and developing them, and preserving their independence in accordance with the law. Second: Enhancing the freedom of citizens to establish and join non-governmental organizations. Third: Finding a central mechanism to organize the registration process for Iraqi and foreign NGOs.

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