International Volunteer Day

On International Volunteer Day, humanity embodies its most glorious form, and because volunteering is a practice that requires beliefs and awareness of what is offered to others, we congratulate all volunteers in Iraq for their tireless efforts in society.

The best forms of volunteering and the Public Aid’s Organization were embodied in the announcement of the (People’s Stand initiative), which we provided many services during the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, and the imposition of a total ban and curfew in the country to help families who live to gain their daily livelihood. The campaign provided about (1940) food basket, (2068) health basket, also providing psychological and social support (3611) and distributing cash to needy families.

We support and encourage volunteer work to help people, and with it we draw a lasting smile for the harmony of society.

 To encourage giving for free #Volunteer.

Many thanks to you for every minute that was given and continues to be given to this community.

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