International Youth Day

Celebrating the pathways

Young leaders as agents of change for the global goals

On the occasion of #International_Youth_Day, the Public Aid Organization organized and implemented a volunteer work camp that brought together many ambitious young people from different parts of Iraq, who took volunteer work as a lifestyle, the camp included many activities, including workshops, team building, and teamwork. Participants joined the volunteer work club of the organization and reviewed the volunteer’s means and their roles in protecting the environment and shedding attention to environmental issues through workshops held by the organization, The volunteers completed the second part of the first day of the campaign to protect the environment and encourage citizens to clean and take care of the environment, and educate citizens about the dangers of desertification and drought and their quest to bring about positive change, and the activities of the volunteers continued for the next day by selecting and nominating the head of volunteer clubs and dividing the teams and ended with a beach in the middle of nature and climbing a mountain and urging teamwork and the spirit of cooperation and as a final activity, where the activity carried the slogan of peace is the best bridge to sustainable development.

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