Signing the Charter of “Combating Violent Extremism and Promoting Civic Peace” Al-Hadar district/Mosul, February 28, 2023

Public Aid Organization/Mosul organized a festival of signing the charter of combating violent extremism and promoting civic peace in Al Hadar district within Mosul on February 28,2023. This activity was done as part of the project of “Empowering and Engaging Community Mechanisms with the local Authorities to Promote Social Cohesion” that funded by UNDP. The event witnessed extensive participation of local authority and service security of Mosul. The festival, which was hold in an open-air had various recreational activities such as speeches, concert, and make a tour to see ancient monuments of Al Hadar that spans thousands of years. Local and official authorities in Mosul appealed to Baghdad Government and Organizations to make additional efforts and contributions in order to support Al Hadar ancient city to promote tourism and to make Mosul to be one of those places that travelers are either drawn every where. The event was covered by media such as Al Sharqiyah, Al-Falluja and ONE FM.

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