A coordination meeting with The Parliamentary Participation and Studies Center

the People’s Aid Organization (PAO), in cooperation with (Norwegian People’s Aid NPA), and (Within the Enhancing Democratization program) held a coordination meeting attended by members of the Parliamentary Participation and Studies Center, the Parliamentary Research and Studies Department, the Parliamentary Development Institute, and a consultant from the Presidency of Parliament, on Wednesday. (4/11/2020) at the Ishtar Hall in the Babylon Hotel.

The meeting was also attended by a number of parliamentarians and members of the Lawyers Bar Association, as well as academics and specialists.

The meeting aimed to coordinate efforts and set priorities for action according to the needs of the stakeholders from the Iraqi parliament and those who attended the meeting, to identify their needs from the Iraqi parliament.

The participants in the meeting emphasized the principles of communication and transparency for the success of joint cooperation and the strengthening of the democracy Principles.

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