Launching the activities of the “um Al-Rabiaan in the face of climate change” conference. 2023,Nineveh

Within the activities of the “Enhancing Democratization and Human Rights” Program the launch of the “Om AL_Rabiaan in the Face of Climate Change” conference, which was implemented by the Public Aid Organization (PAO) in Nineveh in cooperation with the College of Political Science – University of Mosul and the Yemeni Parliament Office, where the conference highlighted the repercussions of climate change and its impact on the lives of citizens and life through multiple axes, including opening speeches from the organizers, the screening of a documentary film prepared by the Public Aid Organization PAO in Nineveh, and various field research on the use of renewable energy. Legislation and laws that protect the environment and forests and the threat of climate change to migration from the countryside to the city and the last axis A dialogue session on the roles of institutions in confronting climate change At the end of the conference, a set of recommendations emanating from the conference came out, and certificates of participation were distributed to researchers, and the Dean of the Faculty of Political Science presented a certificate of thanks and appreciation to the Public Aid Organization PAO, which was received by the Director of the Nineveh Executive Office on behalf of the respected president of the organization.


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