New Syrian refugees in Kurdistan of Iraq:

New Syrian refugees in Kurdistan of Iraq:
The migration of Syrian refugees continues to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where the number of refugees in the Kurdistan Region reached 14040 people, mostly women, and youth including 7000 children. 811 people have received the approval of the security forces in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to join their family members residing in the cities on condition that a relative of the first degree sponsors the person.
Since Bardarsh camp in Duhok province is full of people, newly arrived refugees are being hosted in Quilan camp. So far, 1742 new refugees have arrived in Quilan camp in Duhok province.
There is also the reverse return of the newly arrived refugees from the camp and to Syria, especially people of non-combat zone cities such as; Qamishli, Amuda and Darbasiyah.
Services provided:
NGOs and UN agencies provide services in the camp, including food, basic relief kits such as mattresses, blankets and hygiene items. The NJOs also and providing psychosocial support for children, women and pregnant women.
The most essential needs of the camps:
1 – heating and cooking fuel.
2. Psychosocial support for children who have fled the war.
3 – winter clothes because a large number of families were unable to bring their needs of clothing from their homes.
Organizations working in the camp:
Seed, UNFPA, DOLSA, NRC, ACTED, WFP, UNHCR, Qndil and others.
Humanitarian Response:
1- PAO coordinated with the camp administration to open an office inside Bardarsh camp.
2. Creation of a task force inside the camp.
3. Providing health services for pregnant women during pregnancy.
4 – Coordination with the Ronak Cultural and Social Association in Germany in order to send clothes to Syria.
The number of protestors increased after the visit of the Special Representative of the United
Nations Secretary-General for Iraq, Ms. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaer to Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani.
Al-Sistani showed his support for the protestors’ demands and the protesters should not leave
Tahrir Square until after their demands were fulfilled. The main demands were, the dissolution of
the government, the disclosure of those responsible for killings, abductions and intimidation of
demonstrators, the amendment of the electoral laws and the electoral commission and then the
re-election, in addition to its emphasis on the Iraqi government in stopping the killing of
protesters. The situation is as follows:
1. Continuation of Internet cut from 4 pm to 4 am.
2 . Parliament is still floundering in its decisions and law reforms, the parliament announced
yesterday the law of retirement and reduce the retirement age to 60 years instead of 63 years.
3. The strike of university students is still ongoing.
4. Secondary school students participated in the demonstrations and by raising the Iraqi flag.
5. Manifestations of violence are still ongoing and also using tear gas canister against protestors.
The violence led to martyrdom of a number of young people with live bullets in al-Khellani
Square (a second outlet for the demonstration).
6. Continuation of arresting of the protestors.
7. There is an active movement of the civil society activists with syndicates in a national
initiative to pressure the government to respond to the demands of the demonstrators, stop the
violence and confiscate freedoms.
8. The traffic in the streets outside Tahrir and Al-Khellani squares are normal, streets are
crowded during working hours due to the cutting of the three main bridges and the closure of the
Green Zone.
9. The UN Mission and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
(OHCHR) are actively making pressure on the government to stop the violence against
Demonstrators strongly returned to the Trbiya Square despite clashes, live bullets and burning
tents of protesters, the tents were re-erected by demonstrators and activists.
Solidarity of the Shia Marja in Karbala and Najaf with the demonstrators and there was
information about offering dinner last night in Karbala for the demonstrators.
Continuation of the school strike and demonstrations.
Continuation of peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins by students continuing to erect tents and
Dhi Qar
Demonstrations are continuing and absence of local authorities, all governmental bodies are
closed down. Six protestors lost their live while 54 wounded.
Gradual return to schools during the beginning of this week in Samawa, in addition to the
decrease in the number of demonstrators
The director of agriculture in the province directs the transfer of the staff of the Department to an
investigative committee for their exit in a peaceful demonstration.
Arrests of Al-Rumaitha youth are still ongoing and the governmental bodies in the Al-Rumaitha
district are closed by people.
Peaceful demonstrations continue. The Governorate Council and Governorate Building were
closed as well as the Directorate of Education. Arresting of activists continues.
For further information، please contact:
Alwand Talaat Gohar – Erbil Executive Office Manager
009647729797744 –
Akram Hassou – PAO Syrian Case Repesentitive
009647729797799 –

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