Signing Charter of “Countering Hate Speech and Promoting Social Cohesion” Mosul January 26.2023

Within the activities of the project “Empowerment and Engagement of Community Mechanisms with Local Authorities to Promote Social Cohesion”, Public Aid Organization (PAO – Nineveh Office), in cooperation with (UNDP),conducted a conference of signing a charter “Combating Hate Speech and Promoting Social Cohesion in the City of Mosul” on Thursday, January 26.2023 with the participation of representatives of the Prime Ministry, the Presidency and offices of parliament . In addition to local governments, represented by the “Assistant Governor of Nineveh for Organizations and Displaced Persons”, the Mayor of Mosul District, a variety of governmental and security institutions, clerics, tribal sheikhs, civil society institutions, human rights activists and media in Mosul and a representative of UNDP.

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