Student Project Fair in Al-Sulaymaniyah Governorate

Public Aid Organization (PAO) held the Student Project Fair on May 25 in Al-Sulaymaniyah as a final stage of the project (BIP) which is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan Region.

Many Vocational High schools (4 of them in Sulaymaniyah, one in Kifri, and another in Halabja and Rania) had participated in the Fair as a final stage of their training within the project.

over 100 participants joined the fair (Students, teachers, the chairman of the board of trustees of PAO, and the staff of Sulymaniah office, also the Director-General of the Ministry of Education in the governorate and a representative of it.

The Fair featured 36 various student projects that varied from the Homemade dessert industry, designing, and sewing projects, supplying homes and shops with liquid gas, and other projects.

the projects were evaluated by a committee of economists, to determine the winners, and they received a certificate of appreciation for their efforts.

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