PAO and a delegation from the High Commission for Human Rights held a meeting with the Minister of Justice

The Public Aid Organization Visit the Minister of Justice Dr.Khalad Shawani with a Delegation from High commission for Human Rights as part of the project (Promote the Right to Fair Trials and Improving Conditions Detention and Abolishing the Torture) on Monday 29 April 2024 . The aim of the meeting was to present the ministry’s initiatives aimed at improving the conditions of inmates in Iraqi prisons and to discuss the role of the Independent High Commission for Human Rights. His Excellency the Minister expressed his willingness to support the commission’s offices and teams based on geographical distribution and in compliance with the law, ensuring their ability to work freely. He also pledged to facilitate their efforts and to engage with other entities, including the Supreme Judicial Council and various ministries such as Interior, Education, and Health, to further support the commission’s work.

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